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As much as I loved this blog,  I have come to a place that I have taken a new direction. 

That direction is letting my eclectic mind take me where ever my creativity leads me each day. That can either be with my photography, mixed media art, design, faux finishing, art journaling, quilting or sewing.

With having lived over half of my life, I finally figured out, I am eclectic and a multitasker (is that a word). I like that better than anything else they can think of to call it. I have to be busy doing something, mostly with some type of artistic creativity or I feel that my day has not been fulfilled.

For me, creating art is either knitting, art journaling, faux finishes, sewing, or capturing life through the lens of my camera. Other than being with my husband, kids or grandchildren it is the best therapy for me and brings such peace and joy into my life. But they are the best therapy of all.

Artistic creativity is so powerful, whether it is with canvas art, sewing, photography, or something as simple as doodling, because it can stir your soul, make you laugh, cry, arouse your sense of smell and thoughts, create moods or take you on a journey you never thought possible.

I have started several blogs about the things I love to do BUT keeping focused on one, for me, has been impossible. This is something I have learned to live with for as long as I can remember.

The best explanation I can find for my eclecticism is from a saying by Shakespeare…

“Though this be madness yet there is method in it.”


Sooooooo through the madness I have found balance with a dear friend from Florida. Her name is Sue and she is as crazy as I am and a great artist. We are taking a venture with our creation of to awaken your creative spirit with our eclectic style. 



“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung


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I had all intentions of already doing this article for Memorial Day, but I believe things never happen in God’s world by mistake.

I never dreamed of ever being able to visit Washington D.C., BUT I am here. As we drove down the street toward the Washington Memorial

it was all I could do not to burst into tears. Then on a wrong turn we ended up across a bridge and on the way back across, I turned and there was  the dome of the Capitol Building,

and at that moment I realized just how much all those who serve/served have sacrificed for us all to be able to live in the USA.

My dad served in the Navy on the U.S.S Maury DD401 during WWII and my husband served during Vietnam and retired from the Army.

Thank you to all who have served to protect our freedoms  that we have today.

Do you love the color red!!!!

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I DO…..especially in design, and while in Virginia Beach shopping I noticed this Sushi Restaurant. As I walked by, the interior caught my eye. They were closed so I was disappointed that  I wouldn’t be able to take pictures to share…WELLLLL, being persistent, I returned the next day and they were open. I walked in and they were very pleased that I like their interior and told me to take all the pictures  I liked…..

I  wonder how long it took to place all those small stones in not only one wall but 2 fo them..they were opposite of each other.

The color red seems to be in a lot of my photos..

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Is it planned….no….maybe it just draws me in. I really can’t explain it, so not going to try and understand. Just shoot my photos and enjoy the color.

I know this one is more on the orange side but HEY…’s Kenny…

I will end with ONE of my favorite sunrises.

Hum! What do you think?

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As you all know I have a thread that is for nothing but chandelier’s. I think they are the coolest thing since sliced bread and can add or take away from a room.

I came across these the other day while roaming around…different for sure!!!

This one is soooo cool and I love the effect that the lighting puts off in the room..

Love the  groin ceiling and the leaf application. Not sure about the pink chandelier in this room though, but it is the first thing you see.


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What an exciting contest thanks to Marti Carroll of Fauxscapes, the inventor of the drying rack and Kathy Boyd of Talk Faux for doing the contest!!

It was very hard to make a decision because there were so many great submissions, over 70. If I ever need a name for something I will definitely go to Talk Faux for  input…..

I want to congratulate Tara Heil on winning the RackATier drying rack!!!

Tara’s logo name was picked from more than 70 submissions.

Now we need some pictures of them being used on the job site….or in the studio…

If you are a professional decorative artists, cabinet finisher painter or builder, these racks would be an awesome addition to your tools…..I know first hand and won’t do a set of cabinets without one…

Now for the rack……

click on the picture and it will take you to directly to the site to order

When ordering be sure to click either the 6′ or the 5′ and then click on the buy now button….

name this cabinet drying rack and WIN!!!!

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Talk Faux International



Are having a Contest to Win a Cabinet Drying Rack!!
Come join in on the fun and take your chance at winning one of these!

Drying Rack
Drying Rack

These drying racks are durable and lightweight!  They take up minimal space, using only 3 1/4 sq. ft. of floor space.  They come in two sizes; 6 foot which holds 24 large doors ($299.95 plus shipping and applicable tax) and 5 foot which holds 20 large doors ($259.95 plus s&h).  Each armed shelf can accommodate two smaller doors.
Although a dolly is not included, it will come with assembly instructions that include mounting a dolly.  As you can see in the pictures, the ‘arms’ swing out so that each door can easily be placed without having to slide it in between the shelves, which in turn prevents scratching and/or disturbing the wet finish!
Here’s how the contest works:
Go to and open the “Contest” section, then click on the link for Drying Rack Contest!

Marti is looking for a name for her new drying racks.  If you can come up with a great name for her she will give you a free 5 foot drying rack which holds 20 large doors.  This is a $259.95 value!

If you can also come up with a logo, you can increase your chances of winning.

The last day for submissions is March 31st.  Only 2 entrys per person.

Marti, Robert and the fabulous Sister Hands will be choosing the winner.


While visiting to enter the contest be sure to hang, lurk, read, learn, post, ask questions and share. Kathy Boyd is the creator and mastermind of this open product forum and it is greatly appreciated for her enthusiasm for all products and tools to help finishers and diy’ers world wide.

art created with no hands, no brush: but water, wind and sand

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The old saying of being in the right place at the right time…I believe is true with so many forms of our lives. Even photography.

While going for a walk to clear my brain, I was amazed when I came upon this beautiful creation in the sand. I was so thankful that I had brought my camera, which I had actually thought about not bringing. I really needed to clear my thoughts and upon finding this beautiful design in the sand I could only smile and thank God for a wonderful experience.

a horse with something to say

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I have to say I was a little estatic when this beautiful horse decided he had something to say…..

and he seemed to be a smart butt tooooo….

Must say everyone thought it was quite humorous.

Was blessed to be able to spend the day on Cumberland Island, Florida this past week and capture some awesome shots. BUTTTT…I will share those later because sometimes it is just being able to capture that just right shot with being in the right place at the right time with the finger ready to snap..

do you have to travel for great photography

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NO!!! Or at least I don’t think so. Oh, it would be wonderful to go to Africa, Australia or London to take some awesome photographs. BUT…how many of us that just love photography for the fun of it can afford that.

For one, not me.

SO, why not take a look around the

streets in town

a flower in your yard

town carnival

near by lake or river

the sky

which I have captured several heart shapes that has almost become an obsession now.

and don’t forget the

state parks

with all the walking trails and of course you don’t always have to have a color photograph……I love black and white.