Hello world!

Hello World!!!!!!!!!! is right…scared me to death to think about trying to write my first paragraph!!!!!!!!!!   I must admit, writing is not my best attribute, cause I flunked Engwish, and I just don’t always like to follow the rules persay….Just kidding.

As I have said in other post, my brain goes in so many directions it gets all mushed together. Then trying to get it onto this white page is really a struggle. So, I just started searching on the net and came up with several links that were of great help. Was going to put those links here but if I don’t put them on my do to list it will never get done. Then if I do put them on my list it may take me awhile…see why this bloggin is a struggle but oh what fun…..

Then there is the punctuations, and thank God for the spell check or I would really be in trouble.

With the encouragement of a close friend, Patty Henning of Fabulous Finishes, I have my blog all ready to go, well almost. Now ready for that first post, sitting here for several minutes, frozen in time…thinking, oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! For weeks now I have had so many thoughts and ideas running through my head. As I look at the white background starring back at me, my fingers are frozen in place and my brain has gone poof.  and poof, they are gone.  So for now I am grinning, ducking, and running.

I do hope that those of you that do find me within The Hello World that in someway I will have helped you in what ever you may be searching for.

God Bless and go out into the Hello World and be the best you can!!

~ by Chatty Renee on January 11, 2009.

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