do you understand color!!!

Color: colorwheel1to some of us that is a scary word: so first to understand how color works and effects your surroundings.

Color is the beginning of turning a house into a home to represent the feel that you love and desire.

Being a decorative artist, this is one of the first things that is asked of the client: what type of feeling do you want to bring into the room?


Image taken from

Image taken from

The color red represents energy, excitement, richness, elegance, and stimulates conversation during dinner if used in dining room furniture.


Image taken from

Blue is just the opposite of red being that it is calming and relaxing. Great for bedrooms, bathrooms, hospitals and doctors offices.


Image taken from

Green is really great for any room in the house because it is such a refreshing color, gives you the feeling of fresh air and the outdoors.

Image taken from

Image taken from

Yellow, of course reminds you of the sunshine, makes you feel happy and energized. What a great for the kitchen.

Image taken from

Image taken from

Purple is great for a I need say more.  It gives you the feel of luxury and elegance.

Then ask yourself what is your style. Whether it be French, Country, Chic or Eclectic.  Once you find your  balance, this will give a consistent flow from room to room,  unless you have rooms that can be closed off with doors or dividers.

You can choose color schemes that are similar to your adjoining room and still have a completely different look and feel.  You can use alternating colors, lighter or darker shades, then use accent colors to pull everything together.

Better Homes & Gardens

BHG Connecting rooms with color

Now to add more interest….consider a decorative faux finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a decorative faux finish job that I was sub contracted by Marti Carroll of Fauxscapes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Her designer, Camilla, worked with Marti on the color scheme for each room. This enabled Marti to be able to create finishes that would have a consistant flow throughout the house.

In the library, the ceiling was first base coated with a metallic bronze and then a glaze was applied.

Library Ceiling


In the entrance Marti created a 3 layer finish, that was absolutely beautiful with the base color, tile and the curtains.

The Foyer Entrance

Tile Inlay

Tile Inlay

Tile Inlay

Tile Inlay

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  1. Choosing the right color for your room is a difficult decision. Colors have meaning and they are related to words. You may find this site linking words and color in a meaningful way

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