After 50 & dealing with doctors!

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!  Can’t believe I just put, well almost, my age out in cyber this what happens at 50?REALLY!!!!

It all begins to sink in when you realize how many doctors appointments there have been through out the year. You are like, OK, am I falling apart or what?

Then comes the medicine, which I hate to take, and then you find yourself in the drugstore looking for one of those pill holders with the days of the week that your parents used. Not a good sign, huh, but a reality check.

Some things that I have changed in the last few months with my doctors appointments is trying to take control of how I am treated. Reason is because sometimes you actually feel that you are not in control at all.

A few days before one of my doctors appointments, about my high blood pressure, I came across an article written by Greg Katz, on Ezine. I am not a responder to many forums or articles but,  due to my circumstances, I felt compelled to give a response to his article.

Wash Away the Dust and See Clearly When Making Decisions About Medical Treatment
By Greg Katz Platinum Quality Author

~ by Chatty Renee on January 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “After 50 & dealing with doctors!”

  1. Great Health Reviews…

  2. Good for you for taking control of your health! Getting older is a pain in the butt!!!

  3. Thank you.
    One of the things that I have been doing is writing my questions that I want to address with the doctor.
    Secondly, when we are done, before I leave I ask them for copies of everything that goes into my file.
    At first I was reluctant until I read the ezine article. The reports are mine, not theirs. Then if I decide to see another doctor I have what I need.
    Sometimes I think “some doctors” forget we are paying their salaries.

    have a blessed day
    today and everyday go out and be the best you can be

  4. Have you seen the AP story on Fibromyalgia? I am disgusted. Here it is …

    and feel free to read my post on it.

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