all about yellow – Sensational Color – by Kate Smith

This is a follow up on the color yellow I posted about yesterday.

It is by Kate Smith, who is a color expert and strategist.

All About the Color YELLOW – Sensational Color

Kate Smith assists corporate clients to make well informed color
decisions that create interest in and elicit a favorable response to their products, services and
An authority on using color to communicate within the international business community,
Kate’s services include: Color Trend Forecasting and Industry Trend Analysis, Color
Recommendations for Brand Identity, Packaging and Products, and Product Line Development.
In addition to guiding companies in selecting colors that can positively impact their business,
Kate is a trainer and educator who believes that understanding the basics is essential to
building a solid foundation of color knowledge. In her in-house seminars and online classes she
weaves practical color theory and psychology into lessons that clearly shows how color can be
effectively applied in the business world.
Kate is also an engaging keynote and seminar speaker, who frequently gives presentations on
Color Trends, The Psychology of Color, History of Color, and using Color Personally and
An active member of the Color Marketing Group (, Kate was selected
as the Chair for the CMG 2008 International Conference. She also participates in the Color
Association (
The content rich website and blogs at are where you can find Kate
sharing her color expertise with visitors from locations around the world.

All About the Color YELLOW – Sensational Color

~ by Chatty Renee on February 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “all about yellow – Sensational Color – by Kate Smith”

  1. Hi Renee,

    Thank you so much for mentioning Kate’s All About Yellow article and for adding my blog to your blog roll!!! So happy to meet you!

  2. The pleasure is mine Julie. I don’t think you can ever learn to much about color and design, because it effects so many aspects of our lives. If you don’t mind I have also included your link of “live in full color.”

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