do you question your blogging set up

Being a beginner, sometimes you just aren’t sure of what others like or dislike about your blog.  For instance:

  • comments-do you like having to log in and leave information before you can post?
  • would you prefer to click on the picture and it take you to another page to view versus the window that opens when you scroll  your cursor over a picture or link?
  • before someone adds  your link to their blog would you prefer they contact your first?
  • what draws you to a blog?

more questions later

    ~ by Chatty Renee on February 20, 2009.

    6 Responses to “do you question your blogging set up”

    1. I personally just like to post…I don’t mind moderation but I don’t like questions.
      I like EVERYTHING to open in a new tab or window…I hate it when I am reading something and it disappears…sometimes I have so much open I have no idea how to get back.
      Some of the best blogs ever are found on image searches…I googled “sock dreams” on image search tonight…I am not sure why…I just had nice socks on and I was up late and I thought my feet were wanting to be in bed when I wanted to be up…I saw some great pictures and visited a number of fabulous blogs..none that I stored, but I might have done…

    2. Cait, I agree with you about links opening in a new window because most of the time I will find something interesting on the new link, from the original blog. When a new window doesn’t open sometimes it is hard getting back from where you started and it was a site you really like.

      Sock dreams, sounds like that could be a good book. Love your explanation of why you were searching for that.

      Image searching is the best, because pictures say so much and sometimes don’t even have to have words to go with them. Guess that is why I love photography, it is art in it’s own form.

      Would like to know why you don’t like questions? Oh, I forgot you don’t like questions. lolol. But you know me, I ask anyway!!!!!

      have a blessed day
      today and everyday go out and be the best you can be

    3. I don’t like questions and big long log ins because usually I respond on impulse and just want to spontaneously post and if it is made like a big boring thing I have to go through,…I lose interest and go and do something else.
      I think images are often what draw me into a blog…here is one of my favourites that I found by image…she often doesn’t write a thing in her blog just has a wonderful photograph of her latest floral creation

    4. I understand what you are saying: it is if you have to log in and post to several questions before commenting.
      Thank you for your response on that. I am the same way, I don’t mind adding my name and email but nothing more.

      I love blogs with photos, but that is my mindset when I am searching. Only will I take the time to really read is when I am looking for help issues or how to’s.

      I have been to her blog before and love it.

      have a blessed day
      today and everyday go out and be the best you can be

    5. cool blog Cait! I like to click in an image and have it take me to whos it is – or, have the link highlighted so I can easily see how to get to it. I don’t feel it necessary to contact someone first before you link to their work, or photo or site etc… but they do need to be given full credit and acknowledged if something is used. jmo

    6. I totally agree on the credit…I have seen some that do not and when discover that I usually don’t go back to their blog.

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