interior bedroom design

For some I know these will be stark but for others it will be the ultimate in style and flair.

I love the way the headboard is lit towards the ceiling. A true lime plaster in the berry color on the vocal wall would be stunning.

Would love to see some abstract art on the walls below or even some  floor cloths done in abstract.




fire from within

fire from within

The taupe’s in this room definitely give  a calming effect with the feel of fresh and new. Love to add something old in with the new either on canvas in different sizes or applied directly on the wall  in a bas relief.


or stay with the contemporary feel


Ahhh…the ceiling! How about one of these.



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~ by Chatty Renee on February 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “interior bedroom design”

  1. definitely, balance of shapes and things are hard to get, you masterfully know how to do it. Once you see it, seems so easy…

  2. Thank you. When creating a one of a kind finish for a client, it is like the ultimate high when you are able to put it all together. The most full-filling is when you are able to pick one piece from a room and create your ideas, finishes and design around that one object.

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