want to be marveled about marble: introducing Cait Whitson

Cait Whitson is the owner of Carte Blanche in Scotland.  Cait is a leading faux finisher in the UK with over 20 years of experience in the decorative arts. Her specialty is woodgraining and marbling.

Cait  will be hosting a Summer school at their new location, in Scotland,  for the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing in June of this year.

Cait will make a return visit to the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing in the Fall. Both classes will be to teach her traditional style of  graining and marbling using Faux Effects products.


I have personally seen her at work and she does it with such ease and perfection. When I found the photo of the white tub, instantly, I remembered seeing the travertine tub that she applied her magic to.

Going from this


to this is astonishing.




Cait demoing before a class in 2008 at Southern Institute of Faux Finishing.




~ by Chatty Renee on March 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “want to be marveled about marble: introducing Cait Whitson”

  1. Renee honey, how sweet of you to feature me so beautifuly. I loved doing that tub and it was for a really nice client so the effort was appreciated.
    I just hope we can tempt you to Scotland sometime soon…..

  2. Cait, before I ever knew who you were, that was my favorite finish I had ever seen and it still is.

    Ahhh…Scotland…I do have it on my books but now to temp my hubby to fly with me. That sure is a lot of water to pass over, but I will just say a weee prayer first and kiss the ground when we land.

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