have you ever thought about adding.

something red.  Choosing the perfect hue of red can transform a room into warm, inviting, elegance to sexy.  Also depending what colors you pair it with can be either masculine or feminine.

While searching, I have come to see what an impact adding just a hint of red in your design of a room will make. Is the statement “every room needs something red” true? You have to admit that red is a color that gets noticed, whether it be a red sports car right down to your red nail polish or red lipstick.

Got to mention my obsession with chandeliers, don’t you just love this one.

and I have to show a close up of the chandelier.


Chandeliers for the Fun of It.


Don’t ya love the chairs with this red striped rug?


My vote is still out on this one.


Interesting that a couple of the pictures have red in them, although they have the red chair. What would have been cool was to have the dress hanging on the door in red.

Although the couch isn’t a strong red it works perfectly in this room and I LOVE the designs on the wall.

Notice the small vase on the right, very clever.

First thing I noticed was the red in the rug.

met-home-winners-contest-finalist-4-swankiest-small-space_1236944442823Love the bright red flowers but the box adds a nice flow for the eye.


This isn’t just a little red but I do like it although I would swap places with the chairs. What a view!

Just remember that if you paint a wall or even a ceiling (oh yea a red ceiling would be so dramatic) to paint with gray first and to eliminate streaks or roller marks consider using a flat finish.

If a red wall or ceiling would be to much add a large unusually shaped vase, chair, or throw.

Choose a color that you are using in your room now and replace it in small doses of red.

~ by Chatty Renee on March 13, 2009.

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