do you like colorful rooms?

Adding color to your home can be a scary thing until you realize..hey it is just paint. You may have picked a color and realize, yuck, I don’t like this. Maybe try to wait until you have things back in place to make the final decision. You may find that you love it but if not then you have to deal with moving everything again and starting over, not a good thing.

This rooms seems very soothing and comforting.

Pops of Color Kids’ Rooms.

This is definitely the colors of the rainbow. Creative the way they pulled the rug up on the lower par to of the wall.

Pops of Color Kids’ Rooms: All the Colors in the Rainbow.

I love the couch…and wish I could see all of that chandelier.



refreshing and wild at the same time….not sure I would ever be able to sit in this room because of all the green it would make me want to be outside.

house beautiful


sterile and clean

house beautiful

ladies home jounal

Just enough yellow to enlighten and bring cheer and enhance positive feelings into your surroundings. Love the flow of all the color and wouldn’t it be nice to go there for a get away..yeap..


colourful interiors | the style files.

~ by Chatty Renee on March 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “do you like colorful rooms?”

  1. OOOhh Renee that last room is wonderful. I am a lover of strong colour which is unusual in this dark country where everyone thinks pale colours are the answer.
    I realised today that I have never designed a room for me. That all my rooms have been organic…how silly.

  2. I LOVE that sofa in the last picture, the whole setup in the 2nd to last photo, and love the purple shabby walls in the middle one..

  3. Yes Cait I love the bright colors..always makes you feel so alive and refreshing; of course done but not over done. Well I think it is about time you did a room for just YOU.

    Patty, I so love that couch……..looks worn and comfy, ahhh just right. But they need to finish the speakers cause they stick out like a sore thumb.

  4. You know Renee…I never even noticed those speakers and I had to REALLY look for them…bizarre what different eyes catch. I love that sofa too, a bit rock chick.

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