sooooo glad when the to do list

is all caught up and then you have to start a new one.

Wow…do you have list? I do. Sometimes I don’t think the list will ever get smaller, especially when I take items from the unfinished list and add them to the next days. One of my worst is, have to, phone calls…BUT…..I love calling friends and just chatting about what ever.  It is the calls you have to make when there isn’t a human on the other end that sends me through the rooofffff….

My accomplishments for today…almost illiminating the whole list…….only for a new one to start.

  • check 2 email accounts and respond
  • check blog
  • get new post ready
  • download pictures from camera, re size, place in appropriate folder
  • go through mail, separate, file,
  • clean, finish laundry, fold, put away
  • clean house
  • cut hair
  • finish patio table with gilding finish
  • this was great because it was something for ME…something I haven’t taken the time to do in a long time.
  • dsc_1598

  • clean studio
  • start 2 new art pieces
  • make 2 phone calls…arggg….
  • set brush pile on fire and got some cool photos while it was burning, that is always a plus
    who-what's on fire

    who-what's on fire

    this one really freaked me out when I downloaded because the combination of the fire and wind it formed with the shape of the tree behind to make the illusion of a body on fire… and the one below was just as freaky but I could actually see it when I photographed it.

    face in the fire

    face in the fire

  • on and on and on…but at least this list was almost finished and finally have gotten to the point that I get to start a clean fresh list…..with only a few left over to do’s…

~ by Chatty Renee on March 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “sooooo glad when the to do list”

  1. whoa… those fire shots are KILLER Renee! And yes, I can see the phantom body in the first one…. bizarre.

    I am a life-long list liver. They just keep rolling over ……

  2. I was thought of you when I was writing that post…lolol
    When I took the shot I didn’t see that one until I downloaded and was totally shocked when I realized it but I did see the last one when I took it. It is like fire has life of it’s own. I thought about the move Backdraft when I was taking them.

  3. You’re right about fire having a life of it’s own! Scares me to death…one reason I don’t have a fireplace! Cool pics!

  4. […] THE ANSWER: A new journey that I am so looking forward to following and that is finally teaching diy’ers. Having been selected as a Training Professional for Caromal Colours, I will keep moving forward with each day doing from my list of to do’s. […]

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