need great ideas using stripes for that extra flair?

Stripes can do so much for a room that just needs that extra flair….just don’t ask me about measuring for taping to do them….although I do it, I don’t like to.


Love the vertical stripes!



This was a client, Marti had previously done work  for and also became a great friend.   This was a fun project to be apart of.  Loved it when Marti decided to do the large vertical stripes in the son’s bathroom.


k_4In the daughters powder room Marti decided on smaller stripes pulling the pastel colors from the bedroom finish.



Would love to see an accent wall with black and white stripes. Did you notice the red throw on the bed. NICE!



pull the stripes from the bed onto the wall; maybe start on the left side of the room with vertical like the comforter and some horizontal starting at the ceiling like the sheets (that would be interesting to tape off) along with mirror on one wall to reflect the stripes?

Met Home Winners Contest Finalist 4: Swankiest Small Space.


Great couch and love the lime green against the black.


This is just precious, wish I could see the whole room…I wonder if there is a stencil anywhere like this…..


I really like how the stripes are reflected in the mirrored table.

the peak of chic



Splashes of red.



Those are bright all right!!! Hey,  but in the right room as an accent wall with just the right piece of furniture…would be very cool.


Get the feeling you might need sunglasses in this room.


~ by Chatty Renee on March 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “need great ideas using stripes for that extra flair?”

  1. That was such a fun project for use to do! We still need to go take pictures of all the stuff we did in that house…it was never ending!

  2. Yes it was a fun project to work on…..and even better when your client trusted you to just let you loose.

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