some of the most outlandish BUT wonderful kids furniture

These are just so cute and don’t you know kids love these…..I’m an adult and I would like to have one myself. Can you imagine the decorative finishes you could come up with to go with these whimsical pieces of furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Straight Line Designs – Unique Furniture – Vancouver, Canada.



when the kids are done playing they can arrange them to look like an art piece



great fun to lay on and


easy to store



you can stretch the loops and they will go back into place

~ by Chatty Renee on March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “some of the most outlandish BUT wonderful kids furniture”

  1. Rattan technology became an industry since evening of last century, and developed fast in occident. It upsets conventional furnishings and other material technologic products. It is a main artery product of Hesperian market.

  2. I work for an Italian leather company in Sydney, Australia. I”ll be showing the boss your article as some of the designs are quite impressive.

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