where have i been?????

for the last month?   Has it been a month, no, only a couple of weeks……..

Feels like it has been 6 months!!!!!!!!

While in Arkansas working on a job I decided after  long hard day that I would take some time to not act my age!!!!  Like ride a moped!!!!dsc_14311 You know how after the fact you ask yourself why did I do that? This was definately one of those times. With all jokes aside it was very scarey..because in a flash I actually thought I was going to die. When my face hit the pavement, I felt it go smosh in and smosh out….my glasses  flying, with the ripple of the jeans on my knee ouch…only lost a minimal amount of skin there but the elbow didn’t fair so well as it scraped along the pavement…dsc_15911 …only now do I realize the total after effects of having a close encounter with a moped and pavement!!!!

With the left thigh being numb to the touch and the left arm screams when I lift it over my head….the healing process has been very enlightening.

Would have sounded a little more impressive if I had told them it happened from the Harley…but shit far, don’t ever want that to happen…

This fun ride ended up in the emergency room for 9 hours to the tune of about $10,000.

But in truth none of that matters because I am still here. Flashbacks are real…and just as scarey because when I do that it is like my stomach flies all the way up to my throat realizing just how bad it could have been.

But work must go on and I managed to complete the set of cabinets



in the scheduled time frame, to attend Sistershands annual fauxplay. This event was combined with learning about a new product (will post more on this later), working on one of the sisters clients home, and just being together…..

What a week of excitement and will post more on this with pictures later.

~ by Chatty Renee on April 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “where have i been?????”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love these cabinets! Where are you located….wish I was close to take your class.

  2. thanks. I appreciate the complement. I will email you and we can see what we can work out..

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