finding other decorative artist….Marie from France

Marie Vanesse, an artist I came across one day while I was just flickering around. I first saw some of her photography and then realized that she is also a finisher, from France. How awesome is that. Technology that we have today amazes me how we can find anyone, anywhere, at almost anytime of the day or night.

If you love to see eyecandy and learn about other artist her work is awesome. I soon discovered that Marie also has a blog. Although, mostly in French, I just love looking her pictures.

Some of Marie’s examples of  old trompe-l’œil. Trompe-l’oel comes from the ‘creation of the optical illusion of three-dimensions details (mouldings) and ornamental elements (grisailles and polychromes) into a two-dimensional painting.




~ by Chatty Renee on May 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “finding other decorative artist….Marie from France”

  1. Hey what can I say? I’m so proud and happy with that article… Thank again, Renee.

  2. You are welcome Marie! I also wanted to comment on you avatar, I LOVE IT….but I noticed that it doesn’t show up on your responses…it is just to cute for you not to use on everything you respond to..
    talk to you soon.

  3. Avatar… You show it on top of your article…
    The brush is a beautiful marble (squirrel) 2-header and I cherish it.

  4. I couldn’t agree more on the awesomeness of Marie’s avtar. It’s creative,stylish and says it all about her love for art.
    Thanks for sharing a link to her wonderful works.


  5. I love the picture of the man on the boat! Nice blog.

  6. Her avatar was the first thing that drew me in to take a closer look.
    I agree with the man in the boat and would like to know what his thoughts would be. It seems so calming.

  7. its very good article.

  8. I have enjoyed seeing Marie’s posts on message boards and viewing her work too..sad I get so little time on the boards now to fraternise with the faux fraternity. Thanks Renee for bringing her here too.
    Bonjour Marie d’Ecosse

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