having lived over 1/2 my life:now what?

As I sit here for weeks thinking about life and realizing that I have lived over 1/2 of it, hum, what next?

You would think that as we grow older with our life experiences  we could see the vision or at least a glimpse of what is to come or where you are headed. So, I ask myself what is it that I want at this stage in my life?

You know I have really been thinking about why we do what we do,

or why I do what I do.

Reflecting about my life as a mom, grandma, wife, decorative faux finisher, a blogger, someone that loves taking photos a  scrapper, and all the other things that I want to add to the list, such as, airbrushing, mosaics, BUT most of all,  teach faux finishes to diyer’s. I am excited to be able to offer workshops for under $100. Maybe that is why my brain never stops and I get overwhelmed at times. How to divide my time wisely with all that I want to do and who I spend that time with.

At this point I asked myself where I am headed with all of this?

SO with that in mind, I have taken a look at what I need to do, and want to do, like I said before realizing that I have lived over 1/2 my life but still have the rest to live…

SO I better get busy due to


cause it is tickin!!!

I have asked myself how many hours do we (I) spend with the ones we love versus our work or on the computer…(Which I know it is our bread and butter). What are we missing, what am I missing, what are they missing? I think about how fast paced the world has become and now with all the technology of Facebook, (amazing stats by the way),

Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket, MySpace, and then we have the forums about this and that, all the blogs we want to keep up with and then keeping up our own blog and then there is our jobs, the house work, the yards, the kids…..and I can’t imagine having teenagers and trying to do all there is to do with them …..and your  husband…when is there time for

just living!

Are we really living or are we driven by all the components of technology that are there for us to reach as many people as we can at one time to help us make a living? It all seems so different from just 10 years ago….

Funny thing is, I left my farm and family home to stop working from sun up to sun down, it seems that I have actually added more work than before.    With wanting begin a new venture, during the second 1/2 of my life, to start teaching decorative finishes to diy’ers, keeping the wall business and started a blog, I have come to realize there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I need to do OR want to do.

The blog,  I had no idea how many hours it would take to just get it off the ground.  The hours spent learning all the in’s and outs of posting, uploading pictures ect., and wanting to throw my hands up but didn’t. I am glad that I have made it this far. Not only have I learned something new but I have meet so many great  bloggers from across the world.

SO!! What is one to do?

Do you know?

Do you ever just want to turn off your computer, and not look back?  Don’t think that would be productive but I do ask myself that question from time to time…then I think of what I am missing out on!!!!

THE ANSWER: A new journey that I am so looking forward to following and that is finally teaching diy’ers. Having been selected as a Training Professional for Caromal Colours, I will keep moving forward with each day doing from my list of to do’s.

I am in the process of  creating another blog, yes another blog, and to think I was complaining about spending to much time on the computer. It will be filled with information about Caromal Colours, photos of projects, setting up workshops and more.

So stayed tuned.

~ by Chatty Renee on June 5, 2009.

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