how about total inspiration in more ways than 1!!!

Shew!!! What a month. Several times I opened my blog to start and then something would happen and I would have to stop mid stream and turn my attention in another direction.

Amazing how God leads us into a direction that we just don’t see coming and when we realize it; WOW!!!!!!

It is what I call total inspiration in more ways than 1!

It began when I meet Interior Designer, Alisa Johnson of Indigo Homes in Little Rock, Arkansas. I received a call from Alisa requesting a sample for a cabinet finish and the photo below was her inspiration.


She wanted it to look like it was very old and used!!!

Red is one of the hardest colors to get RIGHT, but Alisa got it RIGHT the first go round. This is the completed finish.


Unfortunate, we were not able to do this finish for the client due to unforeseen circumstances. All is not lost because the homeowner is scheduling a distressing class upon my return to Arkansas in August.

In the meantime, Alisa discovered that I had several pieces of canvas art

(weighing of the heart)




that I had not made public along with a trunk





that I  completely refinished.  They are now in her rental space at Indigo Homes in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Alisa loves being an interior designer, doing so for the past 15 years,  but her greatest love is with textiles. She says that when her fabric books arrive she becomes like a child in a candy store and can get lost for days. She loves creating and designing window treatments, ottomans ect., which I am sure cover a complete spectrum of types and styles of fabric whether it be  traditional; contemporary;  or esoteric. From chintz to velvet, silks,  heavy duty upholstery or fine linens.  Alisa has worked from Texas to Hawaii doing commercial, residential, new construction and remodeling.  Alisa has just finished her hardest project ever…her own home!

Indigo Home, located at 11525 Cantrell Road Little Rock, Arkansas,  is full of eye candy and I was able to take several photographs while there on my last visit. If you need design help or something special for your home or a gift for a special friend give Alisa a call at



Alan Roach


hope you enjoy the eye candy.






From this trip, back to Arkansas, I am still learning that life is a journey and to learn as you go because there can always be a new beginning just around the corner.

~ by Chatty Renee on June 16, 2009.

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