sometimes it is just about others

Lord I am so far behind, where does the time go:

Ohhhhhhh, or is ts just being lazy and procrastinating. Nawww, just got busy doing other stuff that really needed to be done. I have several articles on the way side and will get to them soon. Sometimes it is just cool talking about others that are great bloggers. We have to take the time to say, HEY, that is pretty cool.

Once again upon my getting lost on the internet, I came across an interesting article by Gretchen Rubin.

The Happiness Project: Are Artists Unhappier than Non-Artists?.

I found her question and thoughts very interesting and it really made me reflect on my personality, from an artists point of view.

Quote: “On the other hand, as discussed in Daniel Nettle’s Happiness, studies suggest that creative and influential people in the arts and public life tend to be more “neurotic” – meaning that they’re inclined to have more frequent and deeper experiences of negative emotions like anger, guilt, sadness, and fear than less-neurotic people.”

I wonder about me at times..I am happy when working on the wall or studio but then I love doing lots of other things..maybe it is just the fact that I have to be busy doing something allllllll the time….

Not sure how I found this sweet girl’s analogy of woman hood. I am so impressed that I wanted to share. Read her quote below and you will understand. Her name is Ekaterina I did tell her that I am glad that I am only having to print her name and not try to pronounce it correctly. From the spelling I bet is pronounced beautifully.

Quote:A feminine woman is a woman that enjoys her being without having troubles. And if something happens, she does not blame anyone, she simply resolves it effectively (that is spending a little of energy) as well she benefits from any uncomfortable situation.

I don’t know what is the deal with the getting lost on certain blogs that seem to popping up but they are deep thinking ones..gesh is someone trying to tell me there something wrong with I need

I totally got lost in Rudraskshha’s blog. Really does send you to a deep place. Thinking of this quote I think about a conversation that I had with a friend of mine the other day about our spouses. I worry what mine would do if something happened to me, because of the dependancy and can’t be alone. I would be devistated if anything happened to my husband but I know that I can fill my time because I don’t have a hard time being alone. Guess I could survive as a solitude.  I spend a lot of time just thinking if I am not doing something but then guess that  is one reason I like to be busy. Just wished I could put the inner thoughts on paper…

Quote:We all find ourselves alone in the world and believe that we are so. I know we’ve all felt terribly lonely, at some point, in our lives when, amidst a room full of people, we felt as if we were total strangers. I think it happens to everybody, even those with a busy social life and a lot of friends. We feel lonely within and, at the same time, we are socially related and surrounded by others, whether we like it or not. There are times when we isolate ourselves from the crowd to experience a sense of separation from others and this sense of being separated shapes and enhances our personality and our identity. This loneliness can also be termed ‘good or positive loneliness’ and poets describe it as ‘solitude’. Philosophers term it aloneness. Solitude or aloneness is a point where a person is alone by choice. We can develop a multitude of talents if we are given space and time to develop them. A lot of good paintings, writing, art, and poetry were born out of solitude.

Quote:We begin to think of our spouses as extensions of ourselves – then we get frustrated when they act in ways that we wouldn’t. We say things like, “Why would you do something like that?” or “How can you think that?” These reactions overlook the fact of difference that our partners are not a part of us and that they have their own individuality. Your sweetheart will inevitably have certain qualities or interests that aren’t appealing to you. ‘Otherness’ is part of being married – no two people are completely compatible.


I see now why sometimes I don’t have the time to revisit all the great blogs I find.  For some reason I find myself just flippin through the net and find another one to add to the ever growing pile.

Part 2

This may be an on going article when I come across someone I just have to share with anyone out there that is just looking for that wow factor in a blogger and what they have to offer…….

This is a young woman Joanna that I came across several weeks ago and loved her blog. It is so full of eye candy and as she says; “a blog designed to enliven your inner space!”

When flowers open up they offer their color, fragrance and beauty for all. It is the same with human flowering, when, in that joyous experience we feel in harmony with life. Surrounded and suffused with the divine, we glow from within, inviting others to join in the celebration of life’s dance. ~ Osho Zen Tarot

~ by Chatty Renee on June 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “sometimes it is just about others”

  1. Its great to be able to right your thoughts I do this on my blog but sometimes its really out there even for myself to read, I need to stop by more often

  2. Art, I cringe when I go back and read my writing. It is like, gesh, did I say that…wish I wrote more elegant but I am learning more and more that it is best to just be me.

  3. Renee, it is very exciting to read this article and to see what grasps your attention.
    I totally agree about artists. When you are in a process and when you accomplish something, it feels great…it is like the explosion of emotions within you. But when you can’t express what you feel or you are currently out of ideas, it arouses a stream of negative emotions. It drove me crazy at the beginning. Now I make myself to learn how to balance emotions and not to think about certain things all the time.

    Probably, ladies who read my blog wonder if they are feminine based on my writing. A while ago I asked myself: “Am I feminine? What does it mean?.” These questions led me to fulfill myself first of all as a woman and then as someone else.

    I read the article of Rudraskshha few weeks ago and I am glad that he brings marriage issues up.
    About loneliness: I felt this way pretty much my whole life until I met my husband because there were no people around me how could share my ideas and my world outlook.

  4. Ekaterina
    You are absolutely right about the creative side of how you feel when things are going right and when you can’t seem to express yourself. I find that I have been doing the same even with my blog writings. My inner emotions are so difficult to get from the brain to paper. lolol
    As for femininity, I used to think that you had to be a girly girl, but you don’t. Growing up I was such a tomboy from being raised on the farm, working like a boy and with boys (that was fun), but as I grew older I realized my feminine side and the part it has played throughout my life.

    I also liked Rud’s article. Very interesting. I think that most young people when they think of marriage it is all cookies and cream but it is work. My husband is my best friend, but we still have times where we disagree, but that is OK because we talk about them and agree to disagree. We do for each other, not one for one and not the other. Does that make sense?

  5. Of course, it does. =)

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