what a fantastic couple of weeks

Been pretty tied up the last couple of weeks with so much going on..I know shame on me for falling behind on posting.  Not sure I really have that great of an excuse other than just trying to illuminate more things on the to do list!!

Working on Caromal Colours projects, taking a class from Mary on Experimental Stencilry. This is one of those things that I have been wanting to play with and just never took the TIME!!!! I hate it when I do that but on the other hand, when I do it is like twice the high……lololol.

I couldn’t even wait for the second video to get started..but when I finally got to the chance to play myself, it was like ohhhh something new to play with and I can see this being applied to suitcases, computer bags, even clothes just for the fun of it. I do plan on starting my own journal to pass to my grandchildren.


an old pair of worn out sweat shorts


This is my vinyl portfolio carrying case that I use to carry all of my sample boards in, and now it is a piece of art in itself.

I have so many ideas of what I want to do, but we are headed to Pensacola for a few days.  A needed break that I am looking forward to, IF, I can keep my mind off of working.

I have to say thank you to Melanie from Designamour for putting the word out about Mary’s class, or I wouldn’t have found her!!!!!!!!

HUM!!!!! After some great deliberation and a light bulb going off from taking this class it has given me great insight as to where I want to take my artistic ideas to another level. In the near future I plan on doing on line classes with a different spin geared to professional faux finishers and the diy’ers. I will be adding my own spin into the classes, using faux techniques. So stay tuned!!!!! I will keep you alerted as it will take approximately 6 months to pull it all together.

This is going to be fun…

~ by Chatty Renee on June 28, 2009.

8 Responses to “what a fantastic couple of weeks”

  1. Hi Renee, thanks for stopping by musings. Your blog is so professional looking…nice job. Congrats on your decision to keep a journal for your Grandchildren, I know of no finer gift!

  2. Good to see you again Susan.
    Several years ago I took all of the family pictures put them in year order and started scrapbooking them. I still have several years to go but so far I have about 10 books…another one of my passions that I love doing. I think a journal would be something even more special. I have one regret of not putting all of my dads stories on paper.

  3. renee..thank you for following my blog…this post is great…i am doing a new thing with painted dropcloths ad making purses and accessories…i call them doodle bags because they are doodle/grafitti like…i will have to get some of those stencils…i am teaching a class on this next may in north carolina…maybe you can come…i look forward to connecting with you more….hugs and blessings, rebecca

  4. I am asking art-related bloggers to name their favourite art gallery and say why. If you are interested in participating, please come over and see “World’s favourite art galleries”.

    You are the only professional decorative painter I know in bloggerland and may have a different perspective on this subject.

    anyhow ..thanks
    Art and Architecture, mainly

  5. Rebecca, we will have to see if we can’t fix that…In fact we are looking at possibly staying in Jacksonville, Florida some next year. I will email you and see what we can set up.
    I love the idea of doing the purses…I have been thinking about getting out my old pair of cowboy boots and givin them a new look…lolol

  6. Hel
    I will be more than glad to check it out and I know a few other decorative painters I could get to check out what their favorite galleries are…

  7. Thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my blog! I love those pants… such fun and I am going to have a look at the stencilry class you’ve mentioned.
    Funnily enough, my DH was also a serving Navy officer – in the UK! If we ever get to the States, the Museum is somewhere we’d definitely visit, so thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. I loved your blog!!!! Mary is awesome and I love the class…I want to apply it to my art pieces and to purses, suitcases ect….how fun that would be….

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