do you know what a silhouette artist is?

After returning from Pensacola yesterday, I was unable to take the online class with Mary as scheduled for Fridays.  It is so hot outside that I thought why not get caught up this morning and maybe I can find time to play later this afternoon. As usual, I got distracted while searching for some silhouette papers and I came across something I had never seen before so just had to stop and share her great talent.

Silhouette Artist


I also found some great silhouette papers and they are on my wish list of what I want to order next!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love finding new goodies to play with and to share with you!!!

Silhouette Papers


What a perfect silhouette!!! Thank you Regina for sharing this with me and the cybper world.  I love the eyelashes, this is priceless, as I am sure it is with your mom.

~ by Chatty Renee on July 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “do you know what a silhouette artist is?”

  1. I liked the silhouette papers you’ve picked and posted.
    Thanks for sharing Renee. Hope you get your all your wishlist goodies soon.


  2. thank you.. I found another site that has a ton of them so I will have to update this post tomorrow. So much to do and so little time. argggg!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Renee,
    My Mom had a silhouette of me cut when I was a little girl. All you see is half my head and these big ol’ lashes jutting out! I’ll send you a pic, you’ll laugh. So cool to see this post and learn more about this art. 🙂

  4. Regina, got the photo and love it. I would love to share it with the cyberspace world!!! On my trip home this next week I am going to do all 4 of my grandchildren. They will be like, UGH, once they are grown and see what memaw has done with them..lolol.

  5. Very interesting! It is a gift to be able to cut silhouettes like that. =)

  6. Silhouette hand-cut fine art does often begin with Disneyland and Disneyworld. That is where Cindi Harwood began profile cutting her heriloom silhouette artistry– . I have noticed different qualities in America’s premier silhouette artists. Kathryn Flocken, also from Disneyworld on this Bubbygram is really likeable, and her cut-artwork is beautiful!
    I noticed on- line a silhouette artist named Wally Spatz who has cut silhouettes 60 years, and is in her 80’s. Her work is unbelievable, she cut silhouettes for all the actors duting the war, and for the White House. Wally also did President Lyndon Johnson, she should be as famous as John Mier, she is called the Silhouette Queen, and deserves it.

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