who do you think should have won?

Bedroom winner,

Interior Designer:Vincent Sagart, Sagart Studio Inc.


But I love this one designed by

Chic & Unique Interiors


the color the design, I love everything about it. BUT wouldn’t it have been awesome to have applied

a lime plaster4 Blue Metal on the walls in that color. WOW!!! I didn’t have a sample of the exact color but, I think  the one above would work, don’t you?

Living Room design winner: Interior Designer:Miriam Dillon and Rebecca Foley, Custom Design Concepts Architecture + Interiors


This is very calming, inviting and homey,

BUT I really like the one below due to the different  layout and the bright colors.

Entrant Name: Barbara Hawthorn Interiors


As for the Dinning Room, my vote is still out on this one…..I  love the massive frame work around the dinning room entrance because it is like a huge picture frame.

Entrant: Barbara Hawthorn Interiors


The kimono on the wall gives an interest point . The kimono reminds me of Melanie Royals designs,


which I think would have looked awesome on an accent wall or even on the ceiling!!!


~ by Chatty Renee on July 20, 2009.

18 Responses to “who do you think should have won?”

  1. Wow! I LOVE the dining room entrance, it is so beautiful and really does appear to be framing the room. Very interesting.

  2. It is very interesting and I just can’t put my finger on it right now, unless it is the fact that the room looks so small through the frame.

  3. Yes, I think it might be that the rooms looks so small through the frame. Also, The black & white sort of reminds me of a Polaroid picture. What ever it is, definitely cool!

  4. hi,it’s the 11st time i visit your nice and lovely blog …it looks great..you really work very hard..keep it up .i’ll visit it weekly if i can ..

  5. Beautiful BLOG and design. Well done.

    My favorite interior is the one by “Chic and Unique” interiors. Although, I might not be BRAVE enough to have it in my house. So
    I’d go with the first.
    Thanks for your friendship.
    Bring Back Pluto
    “ONE of THE GUYS”

  6. Yes I do love the “Chic and Unique”. It sure would be fun to put it all together though either for yourself or for a client.

  7. I realy love Barbara Hawthorn style. Indeed, the kimono is perfect there. And the shape of those chairs !!! Simply gorgeous.

  8. Amazing photographs.I am a great admirer of soft and stylish tones as far decorating homes go.
    Having said that, my obvious choice is the fantastic and very elegant set up of the dining room. I loved the stylish chairs. Though am not much impressed by the Kimono on the wall, but I love the warm feeling the dining room is generating.
    Thanks Renee for sharing the style ideas through these fantastic pictures.

  9. Beautifully captured photos.They are all stunning designs however I love the bedroom of Chic & Unique Interiors the most.

    • Patricia, that is my favorite also. In fact, I am drawn to it more and more every time I look at it and I see something I didn’t’ notice before. For instance the ceiling is painted black, or at least I think it is.

  10. Hi. I’m not a designer, but I liked the color you suggested for the second bedroom. What is the contest? I liked the pictures of the other rooms too.

    Thank you for inviting me and hope to come back and visit again.

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