could you do this with cardboard?????

To me this is an artist and someone that can definitely think outside the box….the cardboard box that is.

Just came across while searching for something else and thought I would just share and hopefully someone else will discover something new today.

Jonnycardboard : Sculptures.

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Not all artist use paint and brush…that is what is so


~ by Chatty Renee on August 30, 2009.

15 Responses to “could you do this with cardboard?????”

  1. wow, great pieces

  2. Impressive. Reminds me of the gingerbread houses that are part of the National Gingerbread House Competition that is always featured at a hotel in our town. Lots of talent

  3. I never would have even thought it possible!? WOW! That’s why I’m just a lowly musician.

    Hope you’ve been well.

    • No way you are just a lowly musician…anyone that can play any instrument or make beautiful sounds come from their vocal cords, I do believe is somewhat talented. lololol
      Been doing pretty good with no complaints..well not many. lololol
      Life is good.

  4. Those are incredible!

  5. Fascinating! Such intricate work! It’s wonderful when you stumble on to something so unusual and different.

  6. We gave you some props today on our site w/link! Along with some of our other blogger friends.


  7. We’ve missed you. Hope you’ve been well.


    Just wanted to let you know that we’ve moved to:
    For Blogrolls and such.

    We’re still in the process of tweaking the look and design of our site, but we’re happy to be operating under our own domain!

    Take care and have a great day!

    • Awe..thanks guy’s…I have been gone for a while. Life has kind of side tracked me in many different directions. Just deciding which path to take sometimes can be very over whelming.

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