art from duct tape????

Art done from duct tape or electrical tape? I thought you have got to be kidding.  I emailed Pam right away and asked her if she would  mind if I wrote about her art. Click on link below to see her latest work..totally awesome.

After conversing with Pam I learned that she actually started using the duct tape out of the blue…maybe boredom. She had only used coal and pastels as mediums and one night had a brainstorm of doing a picture using electrical tape. I do believe this is thinking outside of the realm of things. She put it into perspective as looking for a strange and outrageous medium no one had used before or at least that she knew of. Funny thing is, once she started the project it actually was a long and tedious project and vowed to never use tape as a medium again.

I do believe that we should never say never though…ask me how I know.

Due to a stressful time in her life Pam remembered how relaxed and focused she was during that time. She realized then this was something that was to be apart of her art and upon completing another one she felt more relaxed and focused than ever before.

Once others began to see Pam’s art they told her she needed to add color, so she ventured out to find some colored duct tape and did her Sea Serpent.

From this, her brain went wild with ideas and her art progressed from the wall to purses to flowers. Pam said she loves using tape because it is a fun challenge to take something people associate with fixing things in the basement, and making it an elegant piece of art. It takes concentration and creativity to take only 20 colors of tape that is such a stiff medium, and make something from it that is unique, durable and elegant.

  • Current Residence: Waukesha, WI
  • Interests: Tape, Dragons, Tarot Cards, The Ocean, Martial Arts and Orange sherbert
  • Personal Quote: “In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” – R.W. Em
  • Tools of the Trade: A box full of duct tape and a razor blade

Lurking by ~PamGabriel on deviantART.

Go Now, And Live by ~PamGabriel on deviantART.

~ by Chatty Renee on September 18, 2009.

12 Responses to “art from duct tape????”

  1. A-ma-zing !!!

  2. Marie..why didn’t your avatar appear…I am so hooked on it that when I see your name anywhere I expect to see it. lololol
    Yes her work is amazing and was so very glad that I came across it.

  3. It’s a fantastic use of imagination and an excellent example of making ‘best out of waste’. Though the duct tape she’d used isn’t actually a total waste,but yeah, it’s a good use of the time going waste in boredom.
    Thanks Renee for sharing Pam’s artwork on your blog.

  4. Damn. Just one more cool thing you can do with duct tape. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Incredible!

  6. At Furniture and Design Ideas, I’ve had many art works sent to me. You’ll be amazed at some of the things arts are created from. These duct tape arts are perfectly executed. Truly amazing.

  7. Wow! This is simply very creative! I’m impressed 🙂 Thanks for sharing such beautiful and unique work.

  8. WOW!! I love seeing creative people at work. Thanks for sharing this with us. People’s minds are amazing!

  9. Thanks to everyone for all the kind words about my art! I am open to commissions if anyone is interested, just email me at, or if you have any questions about me or my art or prices, please feel free to ask me :)!

    Thanks again for featuring me, Renee!

    • Pam
      Thank you for sharing with us your information and your talent. Glad that I came across your art and that you were willing to share with others about yourself. It is rewarding to find other artists to be able to give a little back to something I truly love. Sometimes as artist we don’t realize just how much talent is out there especially those that are able to think outside the box. That is what is so intriguing to me and fun to share.

  10. Wow, I can’t believe that was done with duct tape! That’s amazing!

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