a horse with something to say

I have to say I was a little estatic when this beautiful horse decided he had something to say…..

and he seemed to be a smart butt tooooo….

Must say everyone thought it was quite humorous.

Was blessed to be able to spend the day on Cumberland Island, Florida this past week and capture some awesome shots. BUTTTT…I will share those later because sometimes it is just being able to capture that just right shot with being in the right place at the right time with the finger ready to snap..

~ by Chatty Renee on January 31, 2010.

10 Responses to “a horse with something to say”

  1. I have that same problem with my kids. Trying to get a good shot of three kids is like trying to catch leaves falling in the wind.

  2. =D The first picture is so funny! Renee, it is really good shot!

    I love horses…especially wild ones. For me they are a symbol of freedom and happiness.

    • Ekaterina
      The wild horses was one of the main reason I wanted to go to Cumberland Island. Although it is a far cry from what it used to be I am sure 100 years ago..it was definitely something worth seeing and letting your imagination run away with you.
      The horses are totally free—they don’t feed them or any of the other animals on the island, they let nature take it’s course.
      They say that the island can maintain 150 horses and that it will usually stay within that number. I found that interesting.
      The same is true with the other animals also.

  3. cool photos! cumberland is in GA., although it IS literally right on the FL/GA border.

    • We so enjoyed our day there and would really like to have the time to spend several more but time
      seems to not be co-operating with that idea. We are leaving the area around the first of March. Hopefully
      we will be able to return next year.
      I see that you are a quilter….I have just begun to start to sew..It has been years since I have sewn anything.

  4. Cumberland Island is beautiful. It’s wonderful seeing the horses running wild all over the island.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I’ll try that. Just stopping by to say hey!
    Hope the weekend is going well.

    Looking forward to your next batch of gems.

  6. First picture is very funny, good shot.

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