artists working with wrought iron

YouTube – Potter Art Metal Studios-Custom wrought iron & gas lanterns.

~ by Chatty Renee on February 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “artists working with wrought iron”

  1. Renee,
    This is absolutely fabulous, This is the kind of blog that I love to see and the music is great! I was raised on country music and have been to the Grande Ole Opry back in the day before they turned it into a museum with the Porter Wagner Show and have seen them all Conway, Loretta, Mr Pride, The Man in Black, George and Tammy, and many more.. I love all music except rap lol Art and music go hand in hand with each note representing a color, thats why artists listen to different styles and kinds of music depending on what their work consist of, Its a very interesting theory and could be something more to ad to your blog here
    Very nice Renee!

  2. I am going to let my brother
    see this Renee, that is an incredible scale to work on. Fascinating…thanks.

  3. I remembered Jim when I saw this and was going to contact you later today. Thanks for the link and I highlighted it so that it will be click able for others to see.

  4. Art
    You are so right…I would love to find a program that would draw on its on to sound. I have thought about that many times.
    I love every kind of music. Got my first taste of (real) Zydeco this past weekend and love, love it.
    Thank you for the compliment on the blog. Like I have said before I started it to be more about my work, but I like so many different things. So, I just follow where I am lead for the day. God knows best!
    You have just given me an idea to research on for the blog. I think that would be a great concept between music and art because they do seem to fall hand in hand.

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