whimsical handpainted childrens furniture

These are just precious and would make a great diy project. Just a little imagination, paint, brushes, stencils, stamps and you are up and painting, sitting and painting, on the floor and painting.












I must say, but not where, that from a source talking about these cardboard furniture pieces the responders could do nothing but complain.  They made statements like they were a fire hazard, dull, boring…come on folks. Maybe they are all these things but with a little imagination you can use stamps, beads, lace or what ever to give a little flair….

While having fun with your kids, take some pictures and then later you could make a scrapbook once the cardboard is all gone. Something they will always remember.

BUT the main thing is you are  spending time with your kids making them  and that is PRICELESS.


~ by Chatty Renee on March 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “whimsical handpainted childrens furniture”

  1. renee…how cute is that castle??? i want one…i love you tag line…so glad you found me…i am off to investigaste the rest of your blog…hugs, r

  2. Yes I am glad I found you too…your blog is awesome and it is so moving. I plan on doing a post on your blog..that is how strongly I believe that it will help others searching…

  3. Will buy something like this for my little son. Thanks for idea.

  4. Oh my goodness i love the kids furniture!!

  5. I love the kid’s furniture with all the bright colors and artwork. I have a thing for going to yard sales and finding retired furniture and giving it a new life with paint. Actually, I enjoy decorative painting on walls, floors, rocks, furniture, etc. Am always looking for new ideas!

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