goofed–can’t add google friend

What a bummer!!!!!! Guess I should have done my home work before I sent out all of those request to my friends to come over and sign up under the google friend connect.  Oh well, maybe they will get to where it is up to date…I must say I am disappointed but will keep trucking a long with what gadgets I do have here. It took me a while just to figure out how to even start blogging. It is an adventure that I am glad  I decided to tackle.

SO how about a picture for the day OR maybe one or 2…

Eye Level

Eye Level

He is still out there..wonder if he misses this tooth..lolol… A story about the tooth is that I had found one on my previous visit to Jacksonville Beach. The lady that we are parked next to at the RV camp told me that she had been looking for one for her grandson….I told her jokingly that if I found one I would give it to her…GUESS what (almost) the first thing I found on the beach…yeap you guessed it..the sharks tooth above….I laughed and said well Lord thank you…the lady was so happy and said her grandson would be exstatic…..

All washed up until tomorrow!

Reflection of 2009

u can almost see the arctic air coming for 2010….burrr.

Setting on 2009

Rising on 2010!!!!!!!

~ by Chatty Renee on January 4, 2010.

9 Responses to “goofed–can’t add google friend”

  1. Great photography! Can almost sense the serene stillness of the scene and peace. God Bless!

  2. Fabulous pictures.
    So good to see you post regularly after a very long break.
    I’d love to shoot photographs with half as perfection you do them someday.

    Stay in touch 🙂


    • What a nice compliment….I hated that I was absent for awhile but we all need that space to figure out what or where we are headed…but then again I think I do that on a daily basis….lololol

  3. Love that Reflection of 2009. Beautiful!

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Love them all, and especially the one of the ocean seen through the bay windows. Would love to be sitting on the veranda right now.

  5. Cool pics. I just posted a picture of fungus – ha! AR is ripe with good photo opps!

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